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Uploading Images

The only problem most owners encounter in the administrative area is when uploading images. The most common problem is not closing the File Upload box after saving each image. If you do not close the box before clicking the next image link, the box can be hidden behind the current browser window. This is normal but can be confusing. If you close the box after each upload it will pop-up again when you click the next image link and will always be on top. Pop-ups must be enabled to upload images.

The entire procedure for uploading images is as follows:

  1. If you have popups blocked or disabled, you will need to enable them or you may be able to hold down the control key while clicking on the link.

  2. Click the appropriate "Add Image" link, starting with Image One and up through Image Six to open the upload box. If you are going to upload any images, you must start with and have at least Image One.

  3. When the upload box opens, click the Browse Button and choose a picture on your computer by navigating to the correct directory and double clicking the file or clicking and choosing Open.

  4. Once the filename is displayed in the upload box, simply click on the Save Button to upload the picture.

  5. When the save is done and the filename no longer appears, click the Close Button to close the upload box each time to avoid confusion. A preview of your image will display instead of the Add Image link if the upload was successful.

  6. When you are finished uploading, or if you do not want to upload a picture and would rather keep the default "No Picture Available" image, then click the "click here to Finish" link to return to the main admin area.

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