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Advantages for Beach Property Owners

Random Listing Display Order - We do not employ endless pages of listings under endless lists of areas that visitors will not scroll through, anyway.  Larger vacation sites have listings that will never be seen because potential renters know what they want will only view a search result for the first page most of the time. Just ask Google how important it is to be onthe first page of search results.  Instead, we supply a set number of results to every search  by a renter based on their criteria in completely random order.  They pick the search criteria, and if you fit their criteria, they will see you. Every owner gets equal renter exposure without paying for "featured listing" status that other sites charge fees for.  This means that your listing is never "stuck" at the bottom of a list.  Every listing has an equal chance to appear at the top of the listing page for a given search, included in our low annual fee.  Does this require extra processor power? Yes - but we felt it was worth it to ensure that each and every listing will be seen!

Direct Link To Your Web Site - Provides the rental searcher another look at your rental property using the web site you spent thousands to build and maintain.  This adds credibility to your property and they can access it directly through 

Friendly User Interface - We did a lot of research and development to make it simple for visitors to search and browse listings and simple for owners to list and manage their property listing.  We employ one simple search form that repeats throughout the site, so a visitor always knows where they are and how to quickly search again.  Our listing process for owners is quick, even for adding pictures.  So, we make introducing the beach renter and the beach owner a snap!

Marketing Success - See us on MSN, Yahoo, Google for search key words like beach rental, beach vacation, beach house, etc .  We utilize the latest search engine optimization and constantly monitor search engine placement.  Our site focuses on beach area properties.  Search engines monitor relevant information and keywords in the title of a web page and then content of a web page. With simple searches and fewer keywords, renters that know they want beach destinations find owners more easily.  The size of a site or the number of listings is not critical to search results success.  For those who already use one or more rental listing web sites, there is no single site that covers all search keywords and few that cover the beach, exclusively, worldwide. We have made the right choices to maximize search engine results for renters surfing the internet for beach rental property all over the world.  In addition, we use Google Adwords and print media paid advertising for maximum exposure.  Look for us in Coastal Living, Caribbean Travel and Leisure, Islands, and more!  We will get you more renters!

Beach Properties Exclusively –  Helping a beach vacationer find a beach rental, either owner direct or beach resort, that meets all of their needs with the least amount of effort is what we do better than the rest because we are exclusively beach properties with a full-featured site!  Viewing our exclusively beach listings with photo thumbnails couldn’t be easier, saving potential beach vacationers search time, frustration and money.  For beach owners and beach resorts wanting to reach beach vacationers, no listing site gives a beach vacation renter more direct access to your beach paradise. 

Listing Content Control - You have complete control over listing content.  You can update 24/7 with instant results.  You can even load your own photos and change them anytime you like.  The availability calender proivded by enables you to keep potential renters up to date on availability, if you choose. is easy for you and the quickest way to the beach for beach vacationers, worldwide! 

Low Cost – No other site we know of offers the features we have for exclusively beach rentals at only $69 per year per listing - not a teaser rate!  Because we are focused on beach properties worldwide, the renters are already finding us.  We use online and print advertising with various beach vacation related magazines to give you great exposure to potential renters.  Don't be left out of the quickest way to the beach at!