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Caribbean Islands -The Crown Paradise

The Caribbean is considered by many to be the crown of all vacation destinations.  Thousands of islands and beaches exist for your pleasure, some traveled frequently and some that still exist in seclusion. 
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Antigua, the largest Leeward island, has more beaches than any other Caribbean Island, over 300 of them.  It has a coral reef wall around the entire island, making for some great diving experiences.  Because there are numerous ways to move from Antigua to other Caribbean Islands, it has turned into a vacation hub, both regionally and with international travelers. Like most beach destinations, there is every watersport available, including diving, sailing (you can even have your entire stay on a yacht), and jetskiing.  Beach-lovers will find beaches with soft, fluffy, white sand, pink sand from the broken shell of a sea creature native to the area, and black sand form the volcanic lava thrust into the sea that is eventually broken down by the ocean surf and washed up as sand.  Your beach vacation on Antigua will both relax you and entertain you, so book that perfect beach rental on Antigua with one of our property owners today!

View this carribbean beach rentalSt Lucia, boasts exotic black, golden, and pure white sand beaches with steep coastlines in the background. It reminds one of the fantastic islands found in the south Pacific! The deep royal blue waters from the Atlantic ocean on the east shore and from the Caribbean Sea on the west shore are stunning and the many reefs provide a great snorkeling experience.  Because of the widely varying terrian of the island, many activities like hiking, bicycling, and birdwatching can enhance your vacation experience in the Caribbean. The rain forests with giant ferns, wild orchids and exotic birds and the orchards of mango, papaya, bananna, and coconuts make for great scenery.  St Lucia also offers golf, tennis an sailing among a host of accomodations that will fit any budget.  Because the eastern side of the island receives cool tradewinds off the coast of Africa year-round, most of the hotels and resorts are on the westside of the island - the calm side.  The Pitons soar over 2000 feet above the ocean and are one of the most famous landmarks here.  The French history coupled with the African influence has created a "creole" flavor to the island that is evident to visitors, even today.  So book with one of our St Lucia beach owners for a vacation that will be too short to enjoy it all, no matter how long you stay!

People have flocked to this hot spot for years, largely because of its exciting beaches. Paradise Island (Nassau), once called Hog Island, has been developed into a major tourist area. You'll find a wide variety of shops, restaurants, water sport equipment rental facilities, and even a casino on the island. Arawak Cay and Adelaide Village are Nassau's more secluded alternatives. They're dotted with quaint, pastel-colored shacks and huts where the local artisans sell all manner of wares.

A beach lovers, paradise. Barbados is made beautiful by its sprawling white sandy beaches. It is the beaches that draw View this Barbados beach vacation rental propertymany vacationers to this tropical island. Here the sand is fine and soft, made of the coral that forms much of the island.The government of Barbados has mandated that all beaches provide public access, so you can sample the island's entire coastline if you wish. The best beaches are found on the west and southwest coasts. This is where the land is flatter and the beaches stretch for miles. The waters along the west coast are a brilliant turquoise color and tend to be very calm. This is a good place to swim or go snorkeling and explore the exotic marine life and vegetation.

On the west coast of the island, also called the Gold Coast, you'll find spectacular white-sand beaches with calm, turquoise waters, top-notch snorkeling, and rental shops offering water skis and motor boats.

A Caribbean paradise populated with resorts and adventurous vacationers. Second largest island in Caribbean, very diverse island where you can visit five popular destinations - Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Kingston, the Capital. The beaches of Jamaica are beautiful, but less conducive to family outings. Jamaica is truly a beautiful island, and known for the worlds most beautiful sunsets. Jamaica has lots natural waterfalls, over 160 rivers, jungle, tropical birds and wildlife. Jamaica has great beaches, tourist attractions, watersports, top class all-inclusive hotels and numerous restaurants. Jamaica is well known for Rastafarians, Raggae, Ska and Dancehall music - music is played everywhere. Visit the clubs to experience the real Jamaican style of music and dance.

Montego Bay, located right on the Caribbean Sea. The Martha Brae River is one of the most popular attractions and provides a 3 mile trip down the river on a 30 foot bamboo raft.

Ocho Rios, located on the Western coast between the sea and mountains. Dunns River Falls, a 600 foot waterfall, is the most popular tourist attraction. Ochee, as referred to by the locals, is very lush, surrounded by mountains. Most of the cruise ships that call on the island of Jamaica arrive at the Ocho Rios port.

Negril is the laid back town on the Western coast of Jamaica. Get a great tan during the day, and party all night. When the sun goes down,  the nightlife heats up on Negril. Rick’s Café, named one of the Ten Best Bars in the World by Caribbean Travel & Life, is the place to view the beautiful Negril sunsets  Popular nightspots in Negril include DeBuss, Roots Bamboo, and The Jungle nightclub.

Puerto Rico
The island of Puerto Rico is a popular Caribbean destination. Puerto Rico moves to a Latin beat, and is a combination of See this Puerto Rico vacation rental propertya relaxing vacation destination, and a high powered city life. There are over 5 million residents, and the island is located about 1,000 miles from the city of Miami. The island has been under US control for last 100 years. Citizens of Puerto Rico are citizens of US, and can move to the mainland if they choose. Most of Puerto Rico is very  Amercanized, however the countryside feels more like the other Caribbean islands. Puerto Rico has a variety of fine beaches, beach vacation resorts,  watersports, restaurants, shopping, and an exciting nightlifeInviting Luquillo Beach is very popular with the locals (expect more crowds on the weekends) and public facilities are excellent here: you'll find campsites, lifeguards, parking lots and rest rooms. Rustic beach shacks are perfect for a picnic lunch. You can lounge beneath a shady coconut palm tree or try your hand at one of numerous water sports offerings.

St John, US Virgin Islands
Trunk Bay is a favorite Caribbean cruise ship destination. Snorkelers also flock to this great diving spot. Trunk Bay has ample facilities including telephones, picnic spots, lockers for valuables storage, rest rooms, parking areas, and souvenir and snack shops. This gorgeous beach is an ideal place to snap postcard-quality photographs, and lifeguards are on duty so swimming is safe. There is an admission fee of $4(USD) per person. Traveler's tip: Watch out for pickpockets! After a day at Trunk Bay, consider renting a Jeep and making your way to the more private Salt Pond Bay, St. John.

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Heart-shaped Magens Bay is consistently rated one of the world's top ten beaches. The public facilities are extensive at this family-friendly beach. You can bask in the calm waters or enjoy a scenic hike along the beach. Expect an admission fee of $3(USD) per person. Sapphire Beach of St. Thomas affords magnificent views of St. John and the British Virgin Islands across the Caribbean Sea; you'll also find plenty of water sports rental equipment there.

Beaches feature rosy sand and clear, sapphire waves. There is an amazing range of pleasures to partake in on the shores of Bermuda— body surfing, sun-bathing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, to name just a few. Small concessions stands, often set up in a van parked near the beach, rent body boards, kayaks, snorkel masks and fins. Want to lounge under an umbrella? Chairs and umbrellas may also be rented. A few public beaches also have a snack bar selling drinks and regional snacks. Resorts with private beach access often have their own lifeguard, beach cafes and restrooms. The more remote beaches and coves may not have changing rooms or concession stands, but this seclusion is part of the appeal. Some beaches in Bermuda include Achilles Bay, Astwood Cove, Chaplin Bay, Church Bay, Elbow Beach, Grape Bay Beach, Horseshow Bay, Jobson’s Cove, and John Smith’s Bay.

Golfers have always been drawn to Bermuda’s gorgeous scenery, highly agreeable climate and sophisticated array of before- and after-game activities. But the greatest enticement is the eight championship courses and stunning golf academy. Designed by some of the game's most renowned course designers, each course offers a stunning array of challenges and spectacular ocean vistas. Better still, they are open for play year-round. Get ready to tee it up!

St Maarten – St Martin
If you appreciate gourmet food, world class duty free shopping, vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, year-round warm climate and a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a Caribbean twist, Sint Maarten - Saint Martin is for you and your family! A fact so charming, it always has to be mentioned first: The island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations. Only 37 square miles are owned by France and the Netherlands Antilles. The French territory covers about two thirds of the island and is technically a part of Europe and the European Community. The Dutch side is a member island of the Netherlands Antilles and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but not considered European territory. There is no real border, just modest monuments and signs.

View this St. Maarten beach rentalThe island is known as an almost perfect holiday environment; beaches and nightlife are spectacular, shopping and dining the best in the Caribbean. To get a feel of the area covered by St. Martin, multiply 6 miles by 6 miles. You got already 36 square miles of the biggest small island in the world. Without visiting, it is impossible to imagine the variety of landscape, cultures and entertainment to be found here. St. Martin just doesn't FEEL that small. Its central mountain range provides for a rugged and interesting terrain, with winding roads up and down the hills, through small villages and still plenty of untouched land.

The Caribbean's largest lagoon is the Simpson Bay Lagoon, landlocked with the exception of two narrow channels with draw bridges. The Lagoon is large enough to have a real sail and is home to a giant fleet of yachts, which are either berthed in one of the luxury marinas or anchored in the sheltered waters. St. Maarten has become the yachting center of the Caribbean, home port to some of the world's most outrageous megayachts and is home to residents from over 90 different nations. The island broke out of the Antillean group of third-world economies and societies and became the exiting, active, bustling economic center of the Northeastern Caribbean. With the Concordia Agreement, the Dutch and the French side agreed more than 350 years ago that residents of either side of the island can be commercially active on the other side without any Red Tape or border difficulties. This contract of peaceful coexistence turns out to be the oldest active, undisputed treaty on plant earth! St. Martin entered the "Big Time" during the Eighties when investor friendly policies on the Dutch side lead to a rapidly developing tourism industry. The French side soon followed with special tax incentives for French citizens to invest into tourism and charter boats. So book your flight and pack your bags and see this smallest "big" melting pot in the world!