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Notice to all Renters and Owners:

You are solely responsible for doing all investigation and determination that the party you are dealing with, either renter or owner, is legitimate and that the information being exchanged is accurate.  We suggest to both parties that all agreements be in writing.  You assume all liability for use of the information contained in the web site or other publication. is an advertising medium only and does not verify or warrant the accuracy of the information provided by the owner listing, in writing or verbally.

Owners: owners and operators do not warrant that the web site will be available for viewing online 100% of the time.  While our hosting company provides excellent service, downtime and outages are bound to happen., its owners, assigns, or heirs are not responsible for outages for any reason, including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, or negligence.  There are no refunds for outages, for any reason.

Information you provide will not be sold to outside parties.   We may utilize e-mail spam filtering to reduce unsolicited inquiries.  There is no guarantee that spam will not reduce valid inquiries from potential renters or increase invalid inquiries you receive causing lost potential renters and/or revenues.  We do provide owner e-mail address (telephone number and snail mail address are optional) to potential renters via the web site.  All e-mails received on servers can be reviewed for content before forwarding to owner as a typical e-mail on the internet is considered neither private nor secure.

There will be no tolerance for spam or use of the name or logo in commercial e-mails or other advertising mediums by listing owners, or their representative, for soliciting potential renters or promoting other properties or sites.  Any listing owner or representative utilizing such means will lose all of their listings on, immediately, without refund or recourse and could be held legally liable for other damages.  Please avoid all spam activities. does not rent property, set or monitor refund, cancellation, or any other policy related to a listed property. is in no way responsible for renter failure to pay, renter damage to property, renter cancellation, any contractual agreement, verbal or written, between renter and owner, or any other loss experienced by an owner listing property on

A listing, once submitted, edited, and posted, becomes the property of Beach  Any web site information can be edited, deleted or changed at the sole discretion of  The owner accessible content areas of the listing (availability calendar and rental rates and contact information) can be changed by the owner, but must meet Content Guidelines.

A request by the owner, or representative, to remove a listing before the annual expiration will be honored, but there are no refunds for unexpired listing  terms. 
You are responsible for determining that the property you view on is suitable for your needs and that the information you are relying on is accurate before contracting for rental usage.  Since we list beach properties all over the world, be sure you know and understand any international laws that might affect your travel and rental plans, including currency exchange rates, local or international taxes, etc.

We do not check the accuracy or validity of any listing contents, including photos, and owner information.  You are solely responsible for any transaction or contract you enter into with an owner that lists property on

You assume all liability and loss for use of the information contained on the web site and that information is not confirmed or warranted by any party. is  not responsible for the refund of rental fees, deposits, or other fees for any reason.  While we request that only owners with beach area property list on our site, it is the renters responsibility to confirm the property being rented meets the renter needs and requirements.