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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I list with when I already am listed with other sites?
How do I list my property?
Do I have to be the owner of the property?
How many photos can I have with my listing?
Can I change my listing contents?
Can I have a link to my own website?
Can I list vacation property that is not beach area property?
What if I do not get any inquiries or renters from your site?
How do I get featured on the Home Page?
Why do I need to register?
Can I have an availability calender?
I am having trouble adding photos. What shoulld I do?
What if I try to register and it says my e-mail is already in use?
I have added pictures, but they seem poor quality. What can I do?
What if my area or city is not listed in the search choices?
I have a coupon code but where do I enter it?
How do I contact the owner for information or for confirming availability?
How do I rent a beach property for a specific date?
Can I pay my deposit with a credit card?
What is the difference in a rental deposit and a security deposit?
What are the check-in and check-out times?
How are cancellations and refunds handled?
What can I expect the day I arrive at my beach rental?
When I leave, what do I need to do?
What if I have more occupants than a rental listing maximum?